quarta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2011

Ideas to boost business in the future

Having the biggest and best customers: the continuing budget Spartans, several people told me that the aim was to find new customers, new customers but they can afford - business customers, business, etc..
This is a good plan for us all. However, you may be thinking that this would not work in your business. Let me suggest to reconsider the facts. Even a mini-market, whose customers are almost exclusively individual consumers can try to get some commercial accounts.

 Spruce your website: The folks at Intuit Small Business United Blog suggests, wisely, a good resolution for many small businesses is to update the website. "Maybe it's time for a new design or even update things like images and customer testimonials or add a blog ... Research shows that two thirds of customers use the internet first for information about local businesses, thereby not have a website [or a good website] can put you at a disadvantage. "

Master at least one method of advertising / marketing / sales online: there are so many ways and places to make money online and if it is a handy thing, it makes sense to try. Check:
• Ads controlled by cost per click on Google, local Yellow Pages, CitySearch, Yahoo Local, Facebook, etc..
• Place ads on CraigsList
• Sell on eBay
• Engage more in LinkedIn, Facebook, and / or Twitter

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